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Welcome to Sukeroku no Yado SADACHIYO

Why don't you come to SADACHIYO where you are able to enjoy the Edo atmosphere?

Sadachiyo is one of the few remaining ryokans in central Tokyo. It is very quiet despite being in the heart of the city, because it is orientated away from a main road. The inside of the ryokan has many Japanese antiques so you can fully experience and be immersed in the Edo era atmosphere.


General Information

Check-in Time/Check-out Time

※Check-in Time  16:00~22:00

※Check-out Time  7:30~10:00

Check-in closes at 22:00 pm.
The front desk is open until midnight. If you will arrive after 22:00 pm, please contact us. Failing to do so will result in cancellation.
The front door is locked at midnight.
People with accommodation plans that have set check in times will receive priority.


We will accepte your payment by cash or credit card during your stay.

Usable Credit Card

VISA, MASTER CARD, JCB, Diners & American Express.

Cancellation Policy

We will charge you the cancellation fee if you cancel your reservation from 3 days before the date of your stay.
*3 days before : 30%
*2 days before : 30%
*1 day before : 50%
*On the day : 80%
*No Show : 100%

People with accommodation plans that have cancellation provisions will receive priority.

Guest Rooms

Please note that all rooms are non-smoking.

Our rooms are fitted comfortably with Japanese antiques and wood block paints. 

7.5 tatami-matted room (approximately 12.4 sq m)

12 tatami-matted room (approximately 19.8 sq m)


Japanese rooms are covered with tatami which is weaved with straw. You step on to it just bare-foot or in socks and should be careful not to wear slippers or shoes.

                                                                                         12+8 tatami-matted room (approximately 31.2 sq m)

Internet Free Wi-Fi is available for all rooms
Facilities Private bath with shower & toilet, Air conditioner, TV, Refrigerator, Hair drier
Amenities Towels, Yukata, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Shampoo, Toothbrush, Shaver, Comb, Shawer Cap,   Hair Band,  


Yukata is a light cotton kimono. You can use it to relax in the room or to wear as a bath robe or pajamas.

The Japanese-style bedding is laid directly on the tatami-matted floor. The thick padded blanket and mattress are called Futon.

Japanese Communal Bath 

Wooden Bath

Stone Bath


In Japanese communal bath, you must be careful not to be a nuisance to others as there are specific manners to use it. Taking off all clothing and taking a shower before getting into the bath-tub are some examples of the manners.

Changing Room


At Sadachiyo, traditional Japanese meals are served.
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide meals that cater to vegetarian, religious or allergic requirements.


1. Rice
2. Miso Soup
3. Broiled Food
4. Salad
5. Toasted Laver
6. Kobachi (Small dish)
7. Tsukudani (Food boiled in sy sauce)
8. Japanese Pickles

Dinner (Shoubu Course)

1. Nameshi (Rice with a seasonal vegetable)
2. Suimono (Soup with a fish ball & honewort)
3. Nabe (A hot pot cooked on the table)
4. Kobachi (Small dish)
5. Sashimi (Sliced raw fish)
6. Unagi (Broiled eel)
7. Kaemono
8. Tempura (Deep fried food)
9. Kounomono (Pickled vegetables)
10. Mizugasi  (Dessert)

If there is no room on your desired dates, or you are not using an accommodation plan, please submit an inquiry using the below form. We will search for an opening for you.

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